Farmhouse Cottage Chic Table……Is That Even a Decor Style?

There’s a local antique mall that I frequent on occasion and I hadn’t been there in awhile,

so yesterday I told hubby that I needed cheering up (this week has been a challenging one!) and that I would like to go do a little “fleaing”.  


So we headed for the antique mall……nothing lifts my spirits quicker than doing a little treasure hunting!


When we arrived, we made pretty quick work of it, there just wasn’t a whole lot that spoke to me.

 We had just about reached the last aisle and hubby was saying something about food, when we rounded the corner and there she sat!  


In all her chippy, flaky beauty!  

A small size duncan phyfe, round, three legged table, with extremely flaky chippy white paint!  I heart chippy, flaky paint!  


I immediately cried out, “I love her!”.  Hubby…..not so much…..he looked at me like I was crazy!


 When will the man learn, I mean it’s only been 26 years!  

As I was climbing over a few things that were in my way to get a closer look,

hubby stops me, and  starts saying something about “let’s think about it”………was he NUTS?!?  


How was he not swooning over her?!?

 Did he not see how beautiful she was in her

farmhouse cottage chic style?!?  

(yes, in my world that is most definitely a decor style!). 


Hubby:  “Don’t you want to think about it?”

Me: ” Think about it?? Ok….yes, I will think about it.  Ummm…..yes I’ve thought about it.  I WANT it!!”

Hubby: ” No, let’s think about it over lunch.”

Me: “I LOVE her, I WANT her!”

Hubby:  “Let’s think about it.”

(which translates into, “Dear Lord, here we go again, another piece of furniture that I know better than to ask “where will you put it?”)

Me: “I want her”……………and then I give him the “look”… know……the “I’m not walking out of her without it” look.

Hubby:  “Ok, just let me get it unloaded and I will carry it up front.”


I love that man.  He just puts on a good show.  He’s really a pushover!

I Love her so, she is beautiful!


 I don’t want a lot of furniture with this much peely paint, but this little darlin’ just looks so lovely!  

And I love the contrast of adding a little bit of gilt accessories on top.





And hubby even commented last night that he likes her as well!  Of course!

Have a wonderful weekend!



All Around the House…….My Style

DSC_0189I am constantly getting asked “what is my style”?  Very good question!  It’s kind of a mish mash, very eclectic aesthetic!  And it’s constantly evolving and getting fine tuned.  As I grow and change, usually so does my home decor style.   For awhile now, It’s been heavy on French influence…….of course, because I am a true Francophile at heart……….lots of vintage, a little shabby farmhouse chic, with splashes of Italian gilt thrown in, and a dash of Catholic…………..I heart vintage church artifacts!


Over the past few years, I have been working on “lightening” our home up.  I’ve always loved painted furniture so when the onslaught of the chalk paint craze came about, it was a look that I had been aspiring to for awhile.   I lean toward a French Nordic or Gustavian style so I have been striving for a neutral pallet with touches of blues and grays.  Each room is slowly evolving as I work on getting rid of bright colors and dark wood.  This wonderful little French bookcase was found in a flea market in Alabama.  It’s very petite in size but works great for displaying my growing collection of vintage french books and silverplate trophy cups.  It was already finished in two different shades of gray which works with the direction I’m going in.


I have lots of statues and busts and I have a couple of beautiful marble busts of St. Joan of Arc.


The Swedish Mora clock is a reproduction.  I would love to have the “real deal”, but right now they are just way more  expensive than I am comfortable with.  Someday maybe…………

I love gilt edged gesso mirrors, especially if some of the silvering has come off the back of the mirror, that gives it an immediate storied history!  I’ve recently started a collection of white French plaster religious statues.  I’m slowly getting them in from a contact I have in France that picks them up at the French flea markets when she finds them.  They are stunning in their simple beauty and make quite a statement when displayed together.

The round table is getting painted at some point to lighten it up.  It was a very inexpensive flea market find.



How do you like my lamp shade?  It is made from parchment colored coffee filters!  I love it!  A post on that coming later on!

The chair is an estate sale find.  I had intentions on reupholstering it, but the blue silk fabric is in really good shape, so for now, I’ve decided to leave it as is.  It works great for that pop of blue that I like adding into the neutral colors.


I love finding vintage ex voto sacred hearts when I can.  They are wonderful to add to a table top vignette.  They are hard to find at a decent price, but there are some amazing reproductions on the market that are a little less expensive.  The one on the left is a reproduction, the one on the right is vintage.


I am attracted to touches of gilt as in this old french clock that sits on our mantle.  It was an estate find and in horrible condition, broken, falling apart, missing pieces.  But I really didn’t care.  All I could see was the beauty in it.   We had to make two feet out of old gold lamp salvage parts to mount on the back of it in order for it to sit straight.  The clock doesn’t work, one of the hands is missing.  But I adore it anyway.  I topped it with two vintage books, “Saint John” and “King John”…….tongue in cheek humor……my hubby’s name is John.


A wonderful sideboard that we brought with us from our Florida home sits on a divider wall in the living room.  It’s painted in the most beautiful shades of blue with a sea motif.  Sitting on top of the chest is another salvaged French clock ( in worse shape than the other one!), antique French crucifix, an old shrine with the Holy Family inside, a wonderful antique St. Anthony and Christ Child statue, a faux Swedish Mora table top clock (the redo is shown in a previous post), and a fabulous candelabra lamp that was an estate sale find.  Hanging above the chest is an antique print of Raphael’s Madonna and Child painting in a wonderful gilt gesso frame…….another estate find.



Gracing our foyer is a fabulously large kneeling guardian angel statue that my hubby bought for me a few years ago.  She sits on a very ornate plaster architectural column.  We fondly named her “Sister Frangelica”……..that’s a story for another time!  But she watches over us!  Propped up beside her is a beautiful antique French field cross.  It came directly from France and is very heavy cast iron still sporting it’s original white paint.  I did list it for sale in the shop…….I can’t keep everything (according to the hubby)……..but sometimes I do like to “live” with some of the pieces while they wait for their new home!



I’m crazy for antique religious artifacts and have many throughout our home.  They evoke such feelings of calm and peace.  I sell a lot of the ones I find but a few I have kept over the years.  This one was a Christmas present from the hubby several years ago.  I’ve never seen another like her.  I topped her with a wonderful antique French crown with original paste stones…….I also love crowns, in case you didn’t know!


Our Lady of Assumption was a special find and I knew as soon as I saw her that she was staying with me!  She resides in a place of honor in a built in niche in our foyer.



I found this gorgeous concrete statue at a fabulous local market, Leola’s Vintage Home in Ozark, MO.  She is glorious in all her imperfections which is just the way I like them!  And she is still wearing her original blue paint.  I had every intention of listing her in the shop for sale.  But once, I got her home and sitting on a chest in the dining room, I realized that she was so special, I couldn’t let her go.  Hubby keeps asking when I am going to list her for sale………I think he has figured out that it’s not going to happen!  And of course, she is wearing an old tin crown and vintage blue rosaries.



The dining room is still a work in progress, as is most of the house.  I still have two dining chairs to paint and upholster like the ones in this picture.  And I thought I was happy with the color of the china cabinet, but I’ve recently decided that I want it painted white with the inside painted blue to better showcase my ironstone collection.  The candlesticks on the dining table are actually old mid century lamps that I salvaged and repurposed, adding the teardrop crystals.  I love bringing outdoor pieces inside as with the old white cement urn in the middle of the table.  It holds different things during the year and gets changed out seasonally.  Across the table is a vintage European grain sack that has been turned into a table runner.


And I’m nuts for my burlap French wing back chairs!  I didn’t redo them, but purchased them already done.  They have a wonderful gilt on the wood!  Right now they are being used as the captain chairs for the dining room table, but that will probably change at some point as soon as I find other chairs that work better.



I love architectural salvage, especially if it is chippy, tattered, and worn.  This old capital sits at my front door with a plant in it.  Love it!


A corner of my office with a few of my mannequins!  Some are for sale in the shop and some I am keeping.  I am always looking for them, especially the French mannequins.  Love topping them with crowns, top hats, etc.



This is a huge plaster frame from a church station of the cross.  It came out of a Catholic orphanage.  The insert piece is missing and just the frame remains but it is fabulous with the cherub at the bottom.  I put a piece of burlap behind it for the time being and for now I am displaying some antique French crucifix in it.  But I am sure that will change at some point.  I really think I want to sit a beautiful white plaster Madonna in it…….just haven’t found the right one yet.



Found this huge French mirror in one of the junkiest antique stores on the Gulf Coast!  It was dingy, dirty, and cluttered!  Hard to find anything……..but this beauty was peeking out from behind about three rows of furniture.  Took some time to get it out, it’s well over 6′ tall, but we finally did and it came home with me!  It’s sitting on an old buffet behind my desk in my office right now, adorned with a beautiful wreath!  Cherub statues frolic in front of it!


So that’s a sampling of what “my style” is!  And if you have visited our shop, Edith & Evelyn Vintage, you will see that it reflects my style at home as well!

What is your style?



Grain Sack Foot Stool


Everyone knows I crazy about antique European grain sacks and

I hoard them when I find them.  They are a little difficult

to find and some can be pretty pricey!  Mine usually come directly from Europe

so I am very particular with where I use them!

I will sell a few here and there,

but a lot of the time I put them back and save them for just the

right project.

I love using them for pillows, upholstery, bulletin boards, and a number of

other projects.


I found this little upholstered foot stool several months ago

at a flea market.  It isn’t extremely old, but it is vintage.


What I love about it

is it’s frenchy style, curvy legs, and carving in the wood.

I knew immediately that it needed to get an upgrade with some

ASC paint in Old White and reupholstered in an European

grain sack.


It’s been sitting in the workshop and on the “project” list

for awhile and I just now got around to giving it the new look!


It turned out beautifully!

After painting, we distressed the wood and gave it

a coat of clear and dark wax.


A good buffing

finished it with a gorgeous satiny finish.


We had a perfect European grain sack in my stash

that had a fabulous dark gray stripe down the middle.


We stenciled a European inspired graphic on top of it to

give it even more of an old world appearance, and

finished it with some beautiful trim.


Easy project!

I think I have another foot stool in the workshop…………time to find it!

This one is going into the shop!

Have a great day!