Flea Market Footstools


If you are aspiring to bring  a little bit ofFrench decor into your home, it’s pretty easy to do in small ways.  

I rarely go to a flea market that I don’t find an old footstool, 

usually very inexpensive,

and desperately needing an update!


It’s amazing what paint and upholstery can do in updating a piece.


If you are worried about the upholstery part, then a footstool is the perfect piece to get started with!

We recently found several different footstools while out junking at some of our favorite flea markets.


All were different sizes, but they all had the “french” look with their curvy legs!  Curvy legs is a requirement of mine…….not really interested if they don’t have some curve!


They were all in different stages of neglect with the most obvious being the really old fabric that they were covered in.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of the before, but trust me, they weren’t pretty!


The first thing I did was strip the old upholstery off and saved it so that I could use it for a pattern.  

Then I painted the wood in Annie Sloan chalk paint…….Old White…….my favorite paint, because it is so forgiving and will cover anything with no prep!  

After distressing and waxing, it was time for the upholstery.


I love, love,love, using antique European grain sacks in upholstery projects.  It’s the perfect weight and texture.  The grain sacks with graphics are especially a weakness for me! Unfortunately, they are also the most expensive.  But it is very easy to get the look without the expense!  I have stacks of the plain European grain sacks, which are pretty easy to find on Etsy and Ebay.  You know the ones with the beautiful, colored stripes down the center?  

You could also make your own “faux” grain sack using Lowe’s drop cloths and stencil the stripe on.  

 If you aren’t using Lowe’s drop cloths for a million different projects…….then I don’t know where you have been!  But that’s a whole other conversation!

My grain sacks that I used didn’t have graphics, so I added them.


I ordered the stencil from a wonderful Etsy shop, Euro Stencil Designs.  You can find her at www.etsy.com/shop/EuroStencilDesign.  She has lots of stencils to choose from!


I love the old German grain sack graphics with the farmers name and the dates.  So those are the ones I ordered.



Using the old fabric cover for a pattern, I cut out my new cover from the grain sack, and stenciled the graphic on with black craft paint.  Be sure your graphic is centered on the fabric.

Fit it to the top of the stool,  turn under and staple with a staple gun to the underneath side or to the sides as in the larger footstool.  With the larger stools, we added a complimentary trim to the edge to hide the stapled edges.  You can add the trim by using the good ol’ trusty glue gun!


And for an extra pop, we also added nail head trim to some of them.  

I love how they turned out and they give you an instant piece of old world “frenchy” charm without a lot of expense!

They are also small enough that they can be used in so many rooms and different ways! 


These are the same paint and grain sack techniques that I am using in re-doing my French dining room chairs.

DSC07201 copy

Two down, two to go!

DSC07198 copy

The footstools went into the shop to sell, so if interested, check them out!

Happy Friday!



What is Wrong with People?!?


I find myself asking this question a lot lately.

Where is the common sense, decency, courtesy?


What am I talking about?


Well, packing materials, of course!


You see, operating an online vintage business that sometimes seems to be growing faster than you can keep up with…………not complaining……..means logging tons of hours buying, picking, junking, and searching for just the right pieces to go into the shop.  We seem to be in “junkin’ mode” 24/7.  Which is great because I would rather “junk” than eat!   I’m extremely picky about what I sell, it has to reflect me and my personality and what I love!  If I don’t love it and want it in my home, then I don’t buy it!

I digress. 



We use many resources to find unique vintage and antique pieces that reflect E & E’s style.  One such resource is through online auctions, so I spend a fair amount of time on the internet when we aren’t on the road on buying trips.  Which means, not only do I send large amounts of shipments out, but I also receive large quantities of shipments as well, many from Europe as well as in the US.


Yes…….my mailman hates me.  

I’m working on our relationship.


I have been shocked at the variety of packing materials that people choose to pack with.

Which brings me back to my original question, “What is wrong with people?!?”


You’re thinking, foam peanuts, crushed newspaper, bubble wrap, etc., right??



I have opened packages, some being very fragile expensive pieces, filled with empty 1 litre coke bottles, egg cartons (I get a lot of those), doggie pee pads (unused, thank goodness), socks, paper towels, bed pillows, empty cereal boxes, and a shoe……just to name a few!


But my most recent shipment contained an all time best!  

One that made me go, “Ewww!  What is wrong with people?!?”



Stained sheets!


Now, let’s say it all together, shall we?  “What is wrong with people?!?”

DSC_0587 - Copy

The shipment also contained an old blanket, stained as well, I’m sure.  But once I put the rubber gloves on to remove the sheets, I tried not to examine the blanket.

Always an adventure!

New vintage goodies going into the shop this week!  Take a look!