A Velvet Pumpkin Giveaway!!

Velvet pumpkins took the world by storm a few years ago.  They always show up in Fall decor and all over Pinterest.

LoveFeast Shop

LoveFeast Shop

I fell in love with them a couple of years ago and ordered some right away from LoveFeast Shop!  They are soooo luxurious!

1506769_10152705849614096_6413025770109257681_n I have seen a lot of knock offs since then, but in my opinion, none compare to the beauty and quality of the pumpkins that LoveFeast shop offers. Their pumpkins are stunning………in beautiful, sumptuous velvet, in every color of the rainbow, topped off with real pumpkin stems!



LoveFeast Shop saw their signature pumpkins on display in our recent blog post about our kitchen renovation, and they were kind enough to offer a gorgeous set of three velvet pumpkins to one of our lucky readers! You don’t want to miss out on the chance to win these beauties!



unnamed (1)

It’s easy to enter……….all you have to do is………

Leave a comment here on how you would use the trio of pumpkins in your decor!

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Give LoveFeast Shop a visit to feast your eyes on more velvet beauty!

The winner will be chosen by random drawing on Monday, Oct. 27th and announced here and on our Facebook page! Good Luck!

{US Residents Only}

UPDATE:  This giveaway has now ended!  A winner was chosen by a random drawing.  The winner is Susan Rix!  Thank you to everyone that entered!



The Kitchen is Finished!

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, the kitchen is finished!!  Amen!  

There were days that I didn’t think I would see the end of it!  It took longer than we anticipated, and I haven’t added up all of the receipts to see exactly what we spent, (whatever the cost, it was still much cheaper than the contractor!)……

but……… I am so proud of the fact that we did it all ourselves, and it has turned out exactly like I envisioned!  So, without further ado, here is the final reveal……………….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          DSC_0271aDSC_0105b


Quite the change, huh?!?  If you remember we bought a beautiful French Country Ranch home that was custom built in the 1970’s, but had not been updated since it was built.  You can visit the original post here if you like.  It has great bones and we love the architecture, but every single room has to be updated………………….it’s still rockin’ it’s flocked wallpaper and pink shag carpet! 

We started with the heart of the home, the kitchen.  Maybe not the most intelligent decision for two demo rookies!  

The most extensive renovating we have ever done is painting and wallpapering.  

Tackling a major kitchen renovation right off the bat….well……..I mean really……………………………..how hard could it be…………………..right?



We tore up the old tile floor with a jack hammer…..

that was quite the experience……..

scraped the popcorn ceiling (what a mess!),

and removed closets and cabinets to open up the space…..


We patched and replaced sheet rock,

installed new sub flooring,

covered all the soffits with wood,

and added crown moulding to the ceiling………



We planked the ceiling with wood planks and then pickled them with a whitewash stain,

and hung gorgeous vintage chandeliers dripping with crystals.

We modified the old existing sink cabinet to hold a new double farmhouse sink with a beautiful, single stainless faucet.  

We added recessed lighting into the ceiling,

and added decorative trim moulding to both the old original cabinets and the new cabinets so that they would match and flow together.  


We added new appliances, all of them close outs, and

we tiled all the kitchen walls, up to the ceiling, in white subway tiles with a light gray grout.


All of the cabinets were painted in Snowbound by Sherwin Williams.  The interior doors, island, and bar cabinet were painted a beautiful gray (Pussywillow by Sherwin Williams).  

After the cabinets were painted, we hand glazed (I say “we“, but I actually mean “I“, hubby isn’t allowed to hold a paint brush…….but I digress….) each one with Valspar Signature Antiquing Glaze in Asphaltum from Lowe’s.  

It was very easy to use and a small jar did the entire kitchen. 

We used the existing island cabinet that was original to the house and just added the decorative moulding and painted it.  I wanted a table extension added so that there was a small eating area with bar stools.  So I drew a rough sketch on paper and hubby made one that slid perfectly under the lip of the island.  I didn’t know he was so crafty…………and neither did he!  He’s much better with a saw than a paint brush!

(Yes, those are dents in the front of my fridge from moving……..that’s another story for another time!)



Isn’t that planked ceiling gorgeous?!? One of my favorite parts of the entire room.  

Notice the furniture legs on the bottom of all the cabinets.  We added those as well because I love the look of furniture in a kitchen.  

We added new cabinets under the windows to replace the cabinets that weren’t salvageable.  

We bought stock cabinets from Home Depot, added the same decorative trim moulding to all of the doors, and once painted, they flow perfectly with the old ones. 


We laid a wood floor using 5″ wide, handscraped oak, and we absolutely love it.  

The inlaid brick circle in the breakfast room is original to the house.


This area was originally a huge double closet that we removed in order to add more cabinets.  We installed beadboard to the wall and installed three stock Home Depot drawer cabinets.  

Hubby screwed them together, covered the seams, trimmed out the drawers and doors with decorative trim moulding, added wood and trim at the bottom, and then added the furniture legs.  We painted and glazed the cabinets and topped it with a black granite remnant from the marble company.  

The upper cabinets are stock Home Depot cabinets as well.  Hubby customized them by building and adding the shelves and wine rack in between.  The arch in each door is actually made from the old moulding off of the original cabinet doors.  We salvaged some of the old moulding, remounted it onto the new doors, and then cut the opening out.  

A beautiful original feature to the home is diamond lead glass windows in the kitchen, so I wanted to tie that diamond pattern into the doors of the upper cabinets.  We found a barbeque grate (designed for bbq grills) at Lowes which was perfect.  We cut the grate in half, painted both pieces with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, and installed them in the opening in the doors.  Perfect match!


My “dream kitchen” always has Carrara marble countertops.  Unfortunately, in our area it’s hard to find a stone company that sells it.  Most of the companies tried to talk us out of it because it’s a little harder to maintain than granite.  But if you get it honed and sealed (seal it once every year thereafter) then it’s perfectly durable.  Over time, it will take on a patina that one only sees in the old French patisseries.  

We finally found a stone company that ordered the Carrara for us and I am so happy with it.  I looked at dozens of white granite but just kept coming back to the Carrara marble.  I love it and it’s exactly the look I wanted.

All the cabinets received new oil rubbed bronze hardware from Lowe’s.


I’m painting all the exterior doors, as well as trimming all the windows, in black.  It really gives the space an elegant look, enhancing the design of the home.


All of the woodwork and trim received coats of white paint and all of the old cream colored switch plates were replaced with new white ones.

The walls in the breakfast room were painted a beautiful shade of gray, Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams.


I’ve been hoarding this fabulous buffet for awhile, knowing that it was perfect for this long wall in the breakfast room.  It was originally a large dresser in a French Provincial bedroom set.  This piece was pretty ugly when we found it at the estate sale, but I knew the look I wanted, so it got a gorgeous makeover with layers and layers of paint.  

If you want to see the before and after post on the buffet, click here.



Taking down walls really opened up this space.  The breakfast room is now one of my favorite spaces with it’s circular wall of windows looking out over the patio.   When you step in our kitchen door, this is what you see!  

See the brown door on the left in the above picture?  It is one of the original doors that leads from the breakfast room out onto the patio.  I didn’t paint it because I am going to replace it with a french door.  It’s an odd size so we are still looking for a salvaged door to replace it with. 

The breakfast room is now the perfect spot for my family heirloom,farmhouse table once belonging to my grandparents, who bought it when they first married in 1901.  I don’t know if you can see it, but it has a fifth leg which is right in the center of the table.


I found the perfect barstools on Overstock.com and they were covered in lovely white linen which I left on the seats.  But to give them more of a French feel, I replaced the linen on the back with antique grain sacks.


Looking back, I have to say that the hardest part was getting the old tile floor up.  It would not come up!  Even after using a jack hammer to break up each tile and grout line, we still spent days on our hands and knees with a pry bar and hammer working the rest of it up.  In the process, a lot of the sub flooring was damaged and had to be replaced.  The other challenge was the crown moulding cuts.  Even with the right tools, sometimes it just didn’t match up correctly.  It was frustrating to say the least, but we learned that there isn’t much that caulk and wood putty won’t fix!

The nastiest part of the reno had to be removing the popcorn ceiling.  It wasn’t hard, just a mess…….unfortunately, every room in this house has it and will need to be scraped.  But the planked ceiling in the kitchen/breakfast room looks so amazing, that the mess was well worth it!


During the months of renovation, not one time did hubby and I mention the “D” word………..murder was mentioned a few times, but not the “D” word!  We definitely got frustrated with each other along the way, simply because we can both look at the same thing and see it in completely opposite ways.  The end result was usually the same, but we both wanted to take completely different routes to get there!  We learned very quickly that we had to stop and communicate what our individual thoughts were!  I don’t know how many times we said, “This is how I see it, how do you see it?”  That helped us to get on the same page, and I know that going forward, as we move into each room renovation, it will become easier.  And hubby is a quick learner, he has practiced over and over saying, “Yes, dear.”  He’s a keeper.


It’s taken us over eight months to complete this kitchen reno and it has been worth the journey!  I know now that there really isn’t much hubby and I can’t do.

 All you need is  determination, the right tools, and youtube videos!  Oh, and Pinterest for inspiration!  It has been so much fun to finally be able to decorate this beautiful space!










Grateful for my many blessings!

Thank you for following along on the Time Warp renovation!  

Next up………….gutting the den!  After the kitchen, it should be a breeze, right?  I mean………really, how hard could it be?  Stay tuned!