The Dining Room Renovation

Last night, hubby and I stood in the dining room {cocktail in hand} and saluted the end of the dining room renovation.


there were a couple of high fives involved.

As well as endless, well deserved, compliments going back and forth.  

Honestly, if there had been a bottle of Cristal in the fridge, I would have popped the cork.  


We can now draw a figurative line through another room on the seemingly endless renovation list.  I have to admit, we are getting quicker, and much better, with each room, and I can’t say that we are “rookies” anymore.

The dining room had a few minor challenges and, what I am learning with each room, is that rarely does anything go simply, or as planned.  But we are getting better at rolling with the punches {instead of sobbing on the floor} when something unexpected happens…..and trust me, some unplanned thing, always happens.

If you haven’t been following along, you can see the beginning of our rookie DIY renovation journey here.  We started with the kitchen, then the den, and now {thank The Good Lord}, the dining room is finished.  

Here is what the dining room looked like before we started.

Dining Room~Before

Dining Room~Before

It was still rockin’ it’s 1970’s avocado green, flocked, wallpaper, hot pink drapes, baseboard heat units, and popcorn ceiling. 

Dining Room~Before

Dining Room~Before

Some of the positives were the original parquet wood floors, stunning French chandelier, a built in china cabinet, and an amazing, arched stained glass window.

Dining Room~Before

Dining Room~Before

The dining room also had some architectural interest with two brick walls, one featuring two antique, cast iron, Italian plaques built into the brick, and an amazing arched brick doorway leading into the formal living room.

And here she is, after the renovation is completed!

Dining Room~After

Dining Room~After


We began the renovation by scraping the popcorn ceiling {I use the term “we” loosely, hubby and I flipped a coin to see who had to scrape the popcorn…he lost} , removing the baseboard heat units {new heating system was installed last Fall}, and attempting to remove the flocked wallpaper.


One wall of wallpaper came right off…….I immediately thought, “Wow, this is going to be a piece of cake!”

But, alas, I spoke too soon.

The second wall of wallpaper wouldn’t come off no matter what we tried…..


professional solutions,

homemade solutions,

yada, yada, yada.

Nothing. worked.

Every piece of wallpaper that we pulled off brought huge pieces of sheet rock with it.  So we took the easy route.  

We planked the walls.


Everything got fresh coats of paint, pale gray walls, crisp white trim, and the double doors leading into the kitchen received a coat of darker gray for contrast.


We extended the crown moulding to give it a little bit more depth and also added more decorative moulding over the doorway to give added height to the room.

The stained glass window was thoroughly cleaned of years of build up and now, the newly painted window trim really showcases the beauty of the stained glass.


The built in china cabinet was updated with ASCP chalk paint in French Linen, and I painted the inside of the cabinet in Provence for an added pop of color.



Bringing the furniture back into the room and getting everything styled is always my favorite part.  And I’m sure it will get tweaked many more times before I’m through with it for awhile.


I love my old European trencher and it usually stays on the table, just getting the contents switched out with the seasons.  The old French side chairs are mostly completed……the two cane back chairs still need a coat of wax, and the seats need upholstering…..I may just do some ruffled slipcovers for the seats.

And I need to find a rug for the floor, but I’m not completely sure what I want yet, so that will wait until I decide.


I love my antique French wingback chairs, bought several years ago at one of my favorite antique stores in Alabama.  They are gold leafed and upholstered in burlap…….love the contrast.

Old books, white ironstone, burlap, and preserved boxwood…….all favorites.




The beautiful Italian mirror belonged to the previous owner of the house {Ms. Irene}.  When we bought the house, there were several French chairs and this Italian mirror still in the house.  We asked if they could be included in the purchase, and Ms. Irene’s estate was kind enough to leave them.  The dining room is the perfect place for her gilt mirror.


This gorgeous statue is one that I bought locally a couple of years ago.  I had every intention of selling it, but once I got it home, I decided that I couldn’t part with it.  She’s very unusual and her imperfections make her……well…..perfect.

My mama {Edith} loved bird nests, so I find myself using them a lot in the Spring decorating.  They make me think of her every time I look at them.  


An antique oil of the Madonna and Child finds a perfect place in the dining room.  The colors tie in beautifully with the gilt mirror, the color Provence inside the china cabinet, and the other shades of blue and gray.




Photo Bombed by Lulu Bean the Schnauzer!




Dining Room~After

Dining Room~After


I love the way the dining room turned out, and now, I think we’ll take a few days off before we start on the next room on the never ending list……the master bedroom…….can you say, “pink rose metallic wallpaper?”

Cheers ya’ll,


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109 thoughts on “The Dining Room Renovation

  1. It’s gorgeous! I love the fact that you were able to keep the mirror, and it’s just perfect with your “look”…also, just wanted to say that my grandmother was also Irene. I’ve always loved the name.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!


  2. Cindy, I love when you reveal another masterpiece and I always gasp at the first after shot! Love your mixed chairs at the table. Everything is just perfect and my oh my that window!


    • Thank you Kim! When we first bought the house, I was not crazy about that window at all… was hard to see the beauty with the avocado green wallpaper and hot pink drapes fighting it for attention! But as the pallette got neutralized, the beauty of that old stained glass began to emerge and now it can take center stage!


  3. Congratulations on the completion of your dining room. I absolutely love your taste! Always look forward to receiving an email from you.


  4. Absolutely beautiful, Cindy! I love the way you mix your formal art and accessories with natural fabrics such as burlap and feed sacks. I love your color scheme as well. And your sweet bird nests! Looking forward to more of your project results.


  5. I have recently found your blog and love your French style! While my home has more warm colors, I appreciate your cool interior palette. I love your use of different textures and rustic touches. In your dining room, I especially love your high back host and hostess chairs. The height differential in your seating adds so much character and interest. Of course, the rest of the room is stunning as well. Kudos for such a terrific renovation! I can’t to see what’s next –


  6. Cindy,
    The room looks OUTSTANDING!!! Congrats on winning the bet (maybe we should do that when we start removing our popcorn). LOVE those chairs from Alabama…they look perfect for the room. What a nice bonus to get that beautiful mirror with the house.



  7. Hey Cindy! I am so GLAD I have found your blog- I so look forward to reading it and look forward to your fabulous reveals! Every room in your home is just beautiful! You must be so proud and feel such a sense of accomplishment. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us. Everything is truly beautiful! Adele


  8. Cindy – I love everything that you have done with that house! Every room is simply amazing – such a quiet elegance! I too look forward to your next installment. You’re such an inspiration – keep up the good work!! You and you’re husband are quite the team!


  9. Beautiful! I love the chairs. I would love to find the perfect host chairs for my dining room. I am so happy I found your site. You are incredibly inspiring to me. I love everything! Your painted furniture is divine. I have to learn how to paint like that. I love the religious artifacts that you have lovingly placed in your home. Thank you for sharing this journey. I am loving the destination.


  10. Love the room. It’s not my style but it feels so welcoming. Love what you did with the built in cabinet. Did you lighten the floors or is it just all the light coming from that great window? Can’t wait to see your next re-do!


  11. Your dining room is amazing! Love all the details you have put into it!
    I have an question regarding your popcorn ceiling. Did you test it for asbestos before removing?? We too are renovating a home built in 1968 and have removed all the popcorn except the bedroom. Someone just asked if I had tested for asbestos before we removed it and I am kinda freaking out because we did not .


    • Hi Deb! No, we didn’t test for asbestos, however we did take all the precautions as to wearing protective gear such as masks, gloves, and goggles. We try and do it on a day that we can open all the windows and we also mask off all other adjoining rooms to keep the dust contained. We don’t do anything in the room without a mask on until all the popcorn and dust from the removal has been cleaned and vacuumed out. Hope that helps!


  12. Your dining room is just gorgeous! I love your grain sack covered chairs and the burlap wing backs at each end. I love the extra large dough bowl in the center of the table too. I just bought one on a recent trip and love it. It’s always fun to see others ways to use it. You made such good choices with that room. Thanks so much for sharing on Share Your Style!


  13. Very charming room! Love the wing chairs! I am dying for the wooden oval bowl (not sure what to call it!) on your dining room table! Where did you find it? 🙂


  14. Stunning! I popped over for the first time today from Savvy Southern Style. All I can say is wow what a stunning home. your colors are perfection! I’m now following along!


  15. I am in awe! What a gorgeous dining room! I found you on Hometalk and just had to see more of your makeover. I’m following you on Hometalk and Facebook so I don’t miss any of your great ideas. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents.

    Blessings, Edie Marie


  16. Absolutely gorgeous. You gave me several ideas and I thank you. You are so fortunate to have room for so many cupboards/cabinets/dressers in that room and they all look fabulous. Love what you did when you painted them. That archway is the cat’s meow! Love, love, love that room.
    Carol Paulus-Kalis


  17. Hello, love your completed dining room. I have a question concerning the dining room table. I noticed you said you painted the dining room china cabinet, Did you also paint your dining room table? Did you use ASCP? I have Pennsylvania House dining room furniture that I am thinking about updating to the look you have completed in your dining room. I am afraid to paint the furniture, I have had it for a long time and am afraid once it’s painted there is no going back without a lot of expense to return it to it’ original look. What do you think? I value your opinion.
    Thank you so much for your time. P.S. The stain of my dining suit is your standard reddish brown.

    Thanks, Maggie


    • Hi Maggie! Our dining room table is painted in ASCP Old White. It was painted a couple of years ago and it was just a light oak wood. I have heard that if the wood is a reddish brown, that sometimes it will bleed through the paint unless you seal it first with shellac. I’ve never had that issue, however I’ve never painted something with the reddish brown toned wood. My personal opinion is that if you’re not completely sure, then don’t do it, because it would be time consuming to reverse it. I love painted furniture and have a lot in my home, but I also have some beautiful wood pieces that i won’t paint. If you’re hesitant at all, then I would wait. Hope that helps!


  18. Cindy, I found your blog via Hometalk, where you featured this renovation. I gushed there and I will gush here. You have a new follower. I can’t wait to see what else you have done to your home. Your taste is exquisite, and you do exactly what you should do: follow your heart in your decor.

    “Smiles across the miles”


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  22. Good Morning Cindy~
    As I’m looking through the pictures I keep saying “oh how pretty” – everything about your dining room is beautiful, but the window is my favorite.
    You must love hosting dinner gathering in your D/R – so peaceful.

    Enjoy your week


  23. Applause! I do believe that Cristal should be opened to celebrate this gorgeous and welcoming room. It is a beautiful transformation. I’m sure you will enjoy the many meals and gatherings that will take place in this pretty dining room.


  24. I have found your page thru Stonegable’s Scoop. I Love the renovations you have done so far! I just had to laugh at your 70’s style of the original owner – I believe it’s more like the 60’s style with the Pink and the Green bc my grandmother did that. I am surprised she kept the color style for decades – the 90’s was all about neutrals and lately the bronze 😉 We had to move last year and when I saw houses with wallpapers or popcorn ceilings or anything dated like a Formica counters – I WALKED OUT. I just can not find the time to do that much work. (we work full time) I just so amazed at your strength and your hard work! I am still not even done with my house that needs sprucing up!! My house needs canned lighting in the kitchen and remove the old florescents – and I would like to plank the ceiling with the new lights just like yours! Can you explain how did you guys do it yourselves? where did you get instructions to do it? How did you install the lights without a professional? I may have to hire the electrician because we want it done straight and correctly LOL but we would like to know how to get the planks up there correctly!!? I love the planked walls too – please tell me how!! I have railings in my dining room that I would love to do the bottom!! and btw the stained window looks 1000 times better with the white trim – talk about an entire different window! the wood trim made it too dark. I just love all the white and greys that brightens up your look without changing out too much. That’s the beauty of it!! I have a wood dresser I would love to learn how to paint it like you did with your cabinets. I have no idea how to do all of this! 😉 I hope you can teach me where you learned. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next with your bedroom and hope you are to get all that wallpaper off – yikes! xo


    • Thank you Carey! We didn’t get instructions on much of anything other than we watched a lot of YouTube videos! The planking of the ceiling was not difficult to do. We used pre-cut tongue and groove planks from Lowes. We put Liquid Nails on the back of each plank and then nailed each one into the joists in the ceiling. It is definitely a two person job, each person on a ladder. We did add a few canned lights and had a local electrician pull the wiring for us to each location, then we installed and wired the lights into the ceiling. If you’re not comfortable doing this, I would recommend having a professional do it. The planks in the dining room were the same pre-cut tongue and groove planks from Lowes, very easy to install with Liquid Nails and a nail gun! Then paint! We are actually planning on planking the ceiling in the bedroom as well because we love the look!


      • Thanks so much for your Response! OMG we love Lowe’s. We use a Lowes card LOL we just spent $$ last weekend (we use coupons and the 5% off and pay it off end of month LOL) so that sounds perfect to get the planks from them, yay! I know what liquid nails are – whew! That’s neat! the canned lights are so cheap at Lowe’s too so that is a great tip with the electrician just wiring it to the lights bc my husband does know how to wire the new lights. The hard part is to cut around the lights (circles) but I guess hubbies know how to do that ;). I am also confused about what color you mean – “pickled the planks in whitewash stain” – what is that?? LOL. I love that look too. My cabinets is all white too. I love beadboard too – that is installed with liquid nails too? Keep sharing your renovations – bc my house is built in “French New Orleans style” that I want beadboard and planks all over! 😉 xo


      • Lowe’s also has a pickling stain in the paint department. It’s basically just a very thin stain that works great to give a white washed look to wood, letting the wood grain show through. Very easy to apply, paint on with a brush and then immediately wipe back with a rag. Beadboard was install nail gun, nailing to the wall studs. Your home sounds wonderful!


      • That sounds so simple! we actually have a scaffold, bc I told my husband about the planking and he says the only way he would do it is with a scaffold LOL. We actually recently downsized from a 3000 sqft house after the boys graduated from high school to a 1700 sqft LOL I gave up the formal dining room. It was just a basic room, no built ins or any fancy window. It was just a spec house with no character. Yours really has a character with that window and walls! I love your updated kitchen. All that hard work really making your house better than before! I didnt want to clean an extra dining room or that extra bathroom or bedroom anymore, i’m tired LOL I did get a large dining room big enough for a table of 8 😉 and that one has railings that I want to add beadboard to the bottom. Our house has character with the railings and vaulted ceilings and have a 100″ arched window in the living room that we are having trouble with the evening sun LOL. but we love it! It has crown molding everywhere and all the windows! I had to get longer curtains LOL. Thanks so much for telling us How-To!!!


  25. Gorgeous dining room! Could you tell me if the window is done with Gallery Glass or is it actually stained glass? It’s really beautiful!!


  26. I love everything about this room. Especially those wingbacks! I’m redoing our kitchen nook and I needed this inspiration. 🙂 way to go taking this space from trippy to elegant.


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